Holidays! Yey!


So, my lovely follower: I will travel to Poland in 4 hours. And I guess I will stay there for 1,5 weeks or maybe 2 weeks. We don’t know it already. I will take my Laptop with me, but I won’t be that much online. I want to enjoy my holidays hehe But during matches I will be of course here :)

emilybett: I’m so sorry @nolanfunk

emilybett: I’m so sorry @nolanfunk

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CL matchdays:

  • #1 Man City (H) 17 Sep
  • #2 CSKA (A) 30 Sep
  • #3 Roma (A) 21 Oct
  • #4 Roma (H) 5 Nov
  • #5 Man City (A) 25 Nov
  • #6 CSKA (H) 10 Dec
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