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14/?? reasons to love Basti: His love for FC Bayern
"this shirt means everything to me"

"You either love Bayern Munich or you hate them. They have created something perfect. Everything fits. They are a power in global football.”


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Hey my lovely people!

Maybe you remember my birthday project for our Manuel. So now I thought we could make a new project: You can send me what you want and I will make a long letter with your letters! You can send me pictures of you with Manuel together, some greetings, pictures, messages for Manuel and so on! I hope the letter will be over 100 meters long!

When the new Bundesliga season start I try to meet him again and I try to give him the letter! So: Send me your stuff!

Here you can send it to me:

  • Ask: Here
  • Submit: Here
  • Email:

P.S. I’ve made 2006 a letter for my fav boyband. ALONE! And the letter was 50 meters long. So I guess we can make more together!


Thomas making fun of Basti. (x)